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 Walton Creative Learning is dedicated to quality child care and preschool for all children. Children are accepted into our program regardless of race, religion, or national origin.


 Walton Creative Learning is sincerely dedicated to quality educational child care and teaching. We have and will continue to strive to provide a level of service that will allow you, as parents, to have the complete peace of mind that comes with knowing that your child has the very best.

 The staff has yearly training and is always current in  Adult and Pediatric CPR & First-Aid as well as Fire Saftey.

 All teachers and staff are required to undergo a complete and comprehenisve back ground check. 


 We wish to thank you for granting us the opportunity to serve you and your child. We appreciate the trust you have placed with us and will constantly work to be deserving of this trust.

Our teachers follow the Creative Curriculum.


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